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Tips for JEE Main 2020 - Venper Experts

India’s most coveted & prestigious engineering entrance exam and the their final task to enter into the IIT’s, the JEE Advanced Exam has been scheduled to be conducted on August 23rd, 2020. 

The JEE Aspirants have their JEE MAIN 2020 Phase II exam to be conducted between July 18 & July 23.

For the first time ever, Students have got such an extended phase of preparation after their Board Exams for their JEE Advanced exams on account of the preventive lockdown of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s quite crucial to utilise the lockdown phase. This phase of preparation is quite critical, as students who are well equipped will have to maintain their level of interest, motivation & focus till August & students who are relatively less prepared will have to travel the extra mile in their preparation to increase their chances of selection.

Their major focus should be targeted to sharpen & fine tune the learned concepts, plug all the loop-holes, strike the right balance between speed and accuracy, assess the strengths and weaknesses, ensure output maximisation and above all utilise the available time. 

Venper Academy’s JEE Division has derived a few strategies & a fail proof revision plan for all the JEE aspirants. 

Concepts Revision Approach 

It’s always the Quality & not the Quantity of the Revision Hours which adds value to the preparation. 

In JEE Advanced, the questions are of an objective type designed to test comprehension, reasoning, and analytical thinking ability. 

Thus we advise Students to plan a Class XI & XII Concepts based revision plan rather than a Chapter based since in JEE the Questions are always having multiple concepts linked. Solving Questions of the respective concepts as you complete the revision has a better retention & registration of the same. 

Regular MCQ Solving routine 

“Practise makes a man perfect” goes apt for an extrance exam like JEE. Regular practise & a self analysis on all the parameters is a must do. 

Grand Mock Test Series 

Subscribe to a standard Test series with Expert Faculty discussion sessions after the Test to get equipped in Questions selection tactics, Time Management strategies, getting exposed to Exam environments on a routine basis with assessment of your national level positioning. 

Discussion Classes & Result Analysis

Any Test series followed by a Discussion session adds the true value to an assessment by eliciting the gaps in concepts understanding & application, know how of shortcuts, time management strategies, assessment of strengths/weakness thus giving an overall mapping & performance analysis report to the Student. 

Physical Fitness

At this juncture, daily physical activity routine, good nutritious diet & sleep is of the utmost importance. Performance is at its peak when our system is in balance.