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What is the strategy to score 300 + in Biology NEET 2020?

1. NCERT is the bible for NEET biology; thorough idea about all the concepts from NCERT is must.

2. 11th chapters carry 55-60% weightage. Since all the chapters in 11th biology are basics; many questions come from these chapters.

3. Ignoring 11th chapters (even based on weightage) is problematic as many concepts in 12th Biology is based on 11thbasics (mutation (12th concept) is based on DNA, nucleotide concepts from 11th biomolecules; gametogenesis in plant and human (12th concept) is based on cell cycle and division from 11th syllabus)

4. For remembering the examples and to recall the concept for every test, short notes and flashcards will help to save time and to complete the revision on time

5. Important chapters with more examples like Biological classification, Morphology if flowering plants etc require frequent revision

6. Imagination capacity and skill is very essential to understand many concepts in biology (say for example inner ear structure). For such complicated concepts, surfing images from internet will help a lot than sticking to the NCERT diagrams alone.

7. Triad of success: Revision → test → DCS;  Once revision got over, solving questions is must. And similarly analysing where and why you went wrong, and trying to rectify it help you to avoid same mistake again.

8. Reading explanation/solution for unfamiliar questions are essential in order to learn new concepts which probably may come in main NEET exam.

9. Spend complete 2 days to study all the diagrams and summary in NCERT. Because diagram has few labelling which has no relevant theory part in book, but still questions come from it, and it cannot be claimed as ‘out of NCERT’

10. PYQs are the first and foremost questions to be solved as many times as you can. Repetitive questions were seen with different context in subsequent NEET exams. Below mentioned example is the proof that questions are repeating in NEET exams (of course not exactly the same question)

a. Methanogens are found in the gut of the ruminants

b. Methanogens produce marsh gas

c. Biogas is produced by methanogens

d. Methanogens are abundant in cattle yards

11. It should be noted that without strengthening biology, you cannot score 500+ in the exam. Practically possible through the heading recall method, you can easily achieve 300 in biology. If you apply heading recall method 4-5 times for a chapter, you will be able to recall everything when you would be writing your paper.

12. Knowing the relation between different chapters in biology will help to answer many questions. For example, a. Good understanding in blood circulation, different arteries and veins of heart helps in understanding gas diffusion / exchange of gas mechanism in breathing. b. Similarly, meiosis -crossing over concept helps to understand law of segregation in genetics (most of the questions from genetics is based on segregation concept

13. Self-motivation is a key for every student to push themselves against all the negativities and demotivation around them. Always remember, your standards and dreams are higher, and the input to achieve it should be stronger.