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Good Revision plan for Physics - NEET 2020

  1. With Physics being more numerical and mathematical in nature, in comparison to Biology and Chemistry, students must ensure that they take enough time to prepare the subject.
  2. Even though preparing from NCERT will work. Books such as Objectives of Physics both by D.C. Pandey and Satya Prakash Arya, Venper Text Books  are the books that have been recommended by experts to prepare Physics in national-level entrance exams.
  3. Physics as a subject is a conceptual based subject; therefore, in order to clear the examination, you will need to ensure that your concepts of the different topics in the subjects are clear.
  4. Conceptual Clarity of topics in Physics is key to scoring a good mark in the exam.
  5. While you can clear all your concepts through NCERT, referring to one of the other reference books mentioned above, will aid in helping you understand the concepts better.
  6. One of the free-marks that you will be offered is theoretical questions in Physics, as the questions will all be based on different concepts and theories.  With clear concepts, securing a good score in physics will be a cake-walk for all aspirants.
  7. Physics is about formula and its application for numerical problems. If you have memorised the formula and the relationship between the elements in the formula, it would become easy to solve MCQs related to it.
  8. One of the best techniques for learning any subject is to attempt innumerable NEET-UG question papers and mock tests. 
  9. Some of the frequently asked questions come from topics such as electrostatics, optics, heat and thermodynamics, modern physics, magnetism, simple harmonic motion, etc. Many-a-times, there may be more than one question in some of the subjects, increasing the relevancy of the topic.
  10. Attempting different question papers will allow the students to properly understand the topics as well.


  1. Don’t skip class 11 syllabus because you have forgotten. There is equal weightage for both Class 11th & 12th syllabus. Equal amount of questions are asked from 12th syllabus & 11th.The chapter wise test feature is one of the revolutionary features.

Best of Luck