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Some of Our Prestigious and qualified faculties who are young and consistent with their results and academic excellence. Since 2017 Venper Academy is been assessing faculties with pro score methods on monthly basis to keep their performance consistent with targeted results.


Mr. Lakshmanan

Ph.D Zoology

Mr. Seshu Veeravalli

M.Sc Bio Technology

N.Boopala Bhagavan

M.Phil Biotechnology

Dr. Uthiralingam

M. Sc Bio Chemistry Ph.d Bio - Chemistry

Miss. S.Nithya Priya

M.Sc Biotechnology


M.Phil Bio - Chemistry; M.Sc Bio - Chemistry

Mr. Sourabh Karmakar

M.Sc Bio-Bioinformatics (PU)

Miss. R.Swetha

M.Sc (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)


M.Sc Genomics


Miss. Mina Sharma

M.Sc Chemistry

Miss. Uvarani

M.Sc Chemistry

Miss. Vignesh

M. Sc Chemistry


M. Phil Chemistry M. Sc Chemistry

Mr. Ajay Kumar Botcha

Ph. D Chemistry

Mr. E.Mahesh

M.Sc Organic Chemistry (SV University)

Mr .Mohammed Siraj

M.Sc Chemistry (AU)

Miss. Rajaswathi

M.Sc Chemistry


Mr. Virendra Singh

B.E Mechanical Engineering

Miss. Abinisha

B.Tech Engineering Physics (NIT Calicut)

Miss. Nivetha

M.Sc Mathematics


Mr. Gagan Kumar

M.Sc Physics (PU)

Mr. Rahul Kumar

B.Sc Mathematics

Mr. Pradeep patel

B. Tech

Mr. J.Ranjith Kumar

M.Sc Physics; B.Ed Physics

Mr. K.R.Sasikumar

M.Sc Physics (PU)

Mr. Chiranjeevi Pallela

B.Tech ECE

Mr. Ajmeera Ramesh

M.Sc Physics (PU)

Mr. Chandan Kumar Ram

B.Tech Engineering Physics

Mr. Gautam Kumar

B.Tech Civil

Mr. Abhinav Prasad

M.Sc Physics (NIT)

Mr. Arjun

M.Sc Physics (PU)