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11.00 AM to 12.30 PM
Free Online Webinar

Life as an IIT-ian & MBBS Grad!! - Free Webinar

Venper Academy welcomes you to a LIVE Webinar – Life as an IIT-ian & MBBS Grad!!

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This LIVE Webinar is an iniititaive to expose primarily the Class X completed students about the Professional courses & the premium institutes. In specific the LIVE Webinar by the Experts will throw light & give an insight on the following….


  1. Available branch options & interests in Engineering Streams & how they can relate themselves working in the respective industry segments.


  1. Introduction about IITs and other reputed Govt. Engineering colleges across India.


  1. Labs Infrastructure, Scope of Research & Grant facilties accessible Students which adds great value to any graduate. 


  1. A note on the "Prominent Employers", which gives an idea on the companies visiting IITs for recruting talents. 


  1. Expectations of the companies coming for recrutiment from the Students.


  1. "Career After Graduation" gives an idea of the options & the achievements of the Alumnis.


  1. In "Campus Life" section gives a glimpse of Life as an IIT-ian in one of the best campuses of the country.


  1. Course & Career options apart from MBBS, BDS after appearing NEET.


  1. Why is it so important to study in a Government Medical College apart from the monertary advantage?


  1. Medicine as a Career & the advantages of being a part of the Healthcare stream.
Webinar Presenters



Now when the WHY is justified & established by the Experts as to the reason to dream to be a part of the Premimum Professional Careers, the LIVE Webinar also throws light on HOW to enter into the same…..



  1. How the Class XI & Class XII graduation phase is very crucial in mastering the concepts.


  1. How to strike the right balance between the Boards & Competitive Exams.


  1. How Competiitve exam preparation will boost your Board Exam preparation.


  1. How being a KVPY Scholar adds value to your career.


  1. Repeating a year is not needed if the 2 years preparation time is well utilised.



Good Luck Students!  Please Don't Miss it !!


For Registrations  Click Here   or  Call - 9841518333