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In Campus

Need of the Hour

Since 2016 after the promulgation of a common entrance exam for medical profession & increasing awareness regarding the lack of placements in majority engineering colleges, the number of NEET/IIT-JEE admissions has become a key differentiator for schools among the Student-Parent circle.

Since 2 years, there has been a gap in the system to meet the aspirations of parents/students, focusing on competitive examinations.

Advantages of Venper’s In-Campus Integrated programme for Students & School Managements

  • School synchronized Integrated System of Coaching tremendously helps in increasing efficiency, confidence and reducing stress level thus minimizing the burden on students yielding maximum results.
  • Integrated Coaching is student centric and synchronized with school education as a coherent approach to utilize the time of student to its best.
  • School learning is followed by preparation for competitive exams though advanced level illustrations, worksheets and exercise sheets.
  • Venper Academy in campus faculties deploy scientifically designed result oriented teaching methodology. Students are provided scientifically designed worksheet, Graded Exercise sheets to enhance problem solving ability.
  • Our program strengthens the capability of students to apply concept thus elevating the level of learning.
  • The logistics for students undergoing additional coaching is time saving & fatigue free as our Expert Faculties are available within the school premises within school hours/ school premises for teaching, MCQ discussion/interaction & doubt clearing.
  • Students have the advantage of using our Digital Learning Management System with access to Online Test Series, Video Lectures, Notes & Worksheets.


Thus Venper’s Integrated programme offers Comprehensive support for Boards (CBSE/State) along with NEET/ JEE ( Mains & Advance).

Mileage to Schools

In addition to the numerous benefits enjoyed by the students, Venper’s Integrated In-Campus Programmes will be an immense plus on the branding/positioning of the school. Among the Student-Parent circle the School name gets well registered thus helping for the enrollments.

Various Programme Modules of Integrated In-Campus Programmes


 Programme Module  No. of Days/Week  Board Teaching
Venper's 360 degree Target In- campus  6 days a week  Yes
Venper's 180 degree Achievers In- campus 2 days a week No
Venper's 90 degree Enthuse In- campus     1 day a week  No

In-Campus Highlights

  • A program to give best of learning opportunities to students within school hours.
  • Venper’s 360 degree Target In- campus Program offers both Boards cum Entrance Teaching. Venper Academy team of faculties handles both the systems in synchronization thus aiming at results in both the sectors. It’s the best possible mode to crack competitive as it goes by the concept of One source of Knowledge, the better source.
  • Venper’s 180 degree Achievers In- campus Program offers extensive coaching in the Entrance sector over 16hrs a week in collaboration with the School Faculties thus enforcing the Entrance concepts followed by MCQ discussion & interaction.
  • Venper’s 90 degree Enthuse In- campus Program is a 8 hour programme aiming at Result oriented Fast Track MCQ discussion and interaction session.
  • The Students will be on a Regular schedule of Weekly assessments, Cumulative assessments & Mock Tests in addition to the Online test app support.
  • Assessment scores will be updated to School Managements and Parents on a regular basis. Thus Tracking Student Performance is just one click away for the Parents & School Managements with the help of our Online Login Portal assigned to each student.
  • Coordination between the School Management and Venper Academy helps in undertaking comprehensive assessment of students aiming at academic progress.