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Foundation Class

Course Attention
for class VI - X students
Duration Time
394 hours
Batch Starts
Batch Start
12th April, 2020
Live Lectures
Live Lectures
135 Hours
Work sheets & Practice Sessions
Work sheets & Practice Sessions
75 Hours
Tests & Quiz Competitions
Weekly Tests, Cumulative Tests, Quiz Competitions
49 Hours
Eligiblity :
Course Eligiblity
Students completed 5th of any Educational Board.

Pre-Foundation Course & Parallel Learning Support Class VI - X

  1. Building strong foundation by continuous & comprehensive training which leads to excellent performances of students at school level studies
  2. Skill enhancement to compete various competitions like NTSE, NSTSE, NSO, IMO, and various activities like conferences, seminar at different national and international levels
  3. Interning students for various govt. Olympiads: NSEJS / B / A / C / P, RMO, NMTC which will add an asset to their profile and help them to conquer their goals
Lessons Of Course