2 Year Regular Course NEET - MBBS/BDS

Eligiblity: 11th Studying

Duration : 2 Years


  • An exclusive programme designed and crafted for Tamilnadu State Board students aspiring for NEET-MBBS/BDS.
  • 11th students are engaged primarily in this programme as by month of January they would have covered the 11th syllabus in school and they will be prepared to get trained in the MCQ area with further reinforcement of theory subject concepts.
  • Subject chapters in 11th are generally not given much importance in schools and students are in the mindset of Learn and Forget attitude. Whereas in NEET, 11th chapters and concepts have a major role. Thus our Initial phase of the programme has been designed with intensive schedules of reinforcing 11th subject concepts and MCQ application training.
  • Detailed in depth discussion of concepts and questions.
  • Subject wise assessment ( Online and Live class assessment)
  • Weekend classes.
  • Real time motivational speech and tips by toppers.
  • Special guest lectures by experts of the best in country apart from the regular schedule giving the extra edge to our students.
  • Our 1 year kit includes:
    • Individual subject wise textbooks with essence of chapters.
    • Individual subject wise Question banks.
    • Online exhaustive Test engines with active engaging assessments.
    • Individual login ID for students to know their scores with subject wise performance graphs knowing their areas of strengths and weakness.
    • Offline test papers and subject/chapter wise key points given in the form of memory card/pen drive compatible with both mobile and desktop version.
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