A learning system built to students which ensures knowledge, application, and creativity . Also builds enough confidence to head the challenges in evolving education system instead of getting struck in template learning environment.

NEET and IIT - JEE Foundation Programme ( For Class XII, Class XIII , Class IX, Class X )

Now a day’s National level competitive exams have become part of students life to compete themselves with students among the nation. Exposure towards preparing themselves for it is always considered as extra burden. Most important reason behind is students are not configured with proper learning system . Being a excellent performer in academics in desired learning system they fail to perform in competitive exams.

A Unique Learning System built by M/s Venper Academy for students of class 7, class 8, class 9, class 10 which prepares students Knowledge- Understanding - Applying - Analyzing - Evaluating - Creating skills. This system enables students to have strong foundation towards heading all types of Competitive exams ( Mainly NEET and IIT-JEE ).

This system is embedded with their usual subjects mainly science and math and they enjoy twin benefit of facing both board exams and competitive exams confidently without any hassle.

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Eligiblity: For Class XII, Class XIII , Class IX, Class X

Duration : 1 YEAR


  • 1 year course for Class XII, Class XIII , Class IX, Class X
  • Text books
  • Study Materials
  • Online Test Series ( Subject and Topic Wise, Grand Mock test )
  • Online Class Videos with total number of 250 hours of intensive training.