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For 10/11/12th Class Students

Cash Rewards to 5 Toppers

Evaluate yourself before your Board Exam with a Question Paper containing the most probable Questions amongst your Zone Students

Avail Upto 100% Scholarship For Your Competitive Courses


For Participants

Free Career Guide, Free Booklet with Most Probable Board Based Questions & Scholarship Fee Discount for NEET & JEE Courses at Venper Academy.

Can't Miss the VIBES

NEET / JEE 1 Year Regular Weekend Course

For class XII Starts on 12th April, 2020

NEET / JEE 2 Years Regular Weekend Course

For class XI Starts on 12th April, 2020

NEET / JEE 1 Year Repeater Course

For class XII Starts on 15th May, 2020

NEET Short Term Course (For CBSE Students)

For class XII Starts on 18th March, 2020

NEET Short Term Course (For TN STATE BOARD Students)

For class XII Starts on 25th March, 2020

How to Enroll


Fill in your details in the application form & Submit


Complete the process by paying the exam fee


Fill the required additional details to complete your enrolment


Get your VOTE Roll Number

VIBES One Exam Benefits

A perfect practice mock exam for all Board appearing students.

Self evaluation of your Board Preparation.

Scores of this exam will be considered for scholarship with Venper Academy's NEET & JEE Courses.

Encouraging Cash Rewards for Toppers.

Free Career gudie - Highlighting the features of Latest Career Opportunities.

Free Booklet with Most Probable Board Based Questions.

Must know of VIBES

An Opportunity with Dual Benefit

VIBES is a unique chance for the students to experience and Revise for the Board Exam. The students can analyse and evaluate their level of preparedness for the upcoming board exams. The questions for these Mock Tests are prepared by the Subject Matter Experts who give the compilation most probable board based questions.

Exam will be conducted in a strict Board Exam like environment.
Valuation will be strictly as per the respective Board standards.
Time duration of VIBES will be exactly half the prescribed Board duration.
Students should bring their own Stationaries (Paper & Pen) or can avail the same at Rs.30/-

How VIBES will make a difference?

  • A change in their exam environment from their regular School with an external body setting the question paper.
  • Students get the true Adrenaline rush like their main exam when they know that they are writing a paper to be compared among their neighbouring School Students.
  • The Paper is compiled by Board Exam based Expert Faculties giving the most probable compilation of Questions.
  • Cash Rewards & a Zonal Comparison gives the students extra drive & motivation to do well.
  • Unbiased valuation of the papers gives the true evaluation of the performance.