Venper Academy Presents Yuva 2024 Scholarship Exam

Are you a dedicated student with a hunger for knowledge?

Do you dream of achieving academic excellence and reaching your educational goals? The Yuva - 2024 is your golden opportunity to make those dreams a reality!

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Why Should You Participate?

- Scholarships for Top Performers: Win scholarships and grants to fund your education.

- Recognition and Prestige: Get recognized for your academic achievements on a national level.

- Future Opportunities: Open doors to prestigious institutions and career opportunities.

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What is the Yuva - 2024?

The Yuva - 2024 is a prestigious academic scholarship exam designed to identify and reward outstanding students like you. This is your chance to shine, stand out, and secure the financial support you need to pursue your educational journey.

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How to Register

1. Visit our website at
2. Fill out the registration form.
3. Pay the registration fee securely online.

Key Dates

1. Registration Deadline: Oct 25 2023
2. Exam Date: Nov 1st to 10th-2023
3. Results Announcement: Nov 19 2023

Exam Subjects

Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths

Check your class Syllabus

Class 8   Class 9  

Class 10   Class 11  

Prizes and Scholarships

1. Class 9: Rs 1 Cr Worth Scholarship for Top 200 Students
2. Class 10: Rs 2 Cr Worth Scholarship for Top 100 Students
3. Class 11: Rs 1 Cr Scholarship for Top 50 Students
4. Additional Scholarships for Top Scorers to make it more attractive!
5. Seven students have been fully sponsored for an unforgettable trip to NASA.