Foundation Course For Class 10


Duration Time

Duration Time

190 hours

Batch Starts

Batch Starts

May 4th 2022

Live Lectures

Live Lectures

160 hours

Work sheets

Work sheets & Practice Sessions

100 hours


Tests & Quiz

66 hours

Eligibility: Class IX should be completed

Venper's Pre-Foundation Course & Parallel Learning Support for Class 10

Venper Pre-Foundation Course

Unique features about Venper Pre-Foundation Course

  • Bring back lost interest in Science & Maths
  • Strong Foundation in Basics
  • Improving your High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
  • Guaranteed Conceptual clarity explained with reak life explanation
  • Worksheets & Practice
  • Expotential Changesin School Curriculum
  • Exposure to National & International Competitive Exams
  • Quiz Inculcates the Competative Spirit
  • Course delivered with Illustrative and Experimental Methods with miniatures
  • Chapterwise Unit Test & Summative Assesment
  • Parent Teacher Meeting

Foundation Class 10 Course Features

  • Live Lectures - 160
  • Live Doubt Clearing session - 37
  • High order Thinking Skills - 28
  • Chapter Tests - 31
  • Unit Tests - 16
  • Summative Tests - 15
  • Quiz - 12
  • Parent Teacher Meeting - 20
  • Total no. of hours of intensive Preparation - 319

The Three Tier Development System

  • Building strong foundation by continuous & comprehensive training which leads to excellent performances of students at school level studies
  • Skill enhancement to compete various competitions like NTSE, NSTSE, NSO, IMO, and various activities like conferences, seminar at different national and international levels
  • Interning students for various govt. Olympiads: NSEJS / B / A / C / P, RMO, NMTC which will add an asset to their profile and help them to conquer their goals


  • Maths , Chemistry , Physics , Biology

Why choose Venper academy?

Venper academy contains well maintained class rooms and highly trained staffs to teach the students for the foundation class X syllabus and we are one among the top NEET and JEE coaching centres wherein we provide the best foundation class 10 coaching. We align the students with the best faculty members wherein they will hear out the problems faced by the students and help them to clear any concept that is complex.